On page SEO technic which blogger should know

We know that if we want to rank our website on specific keywords we should do first ON Page SEO. The keyword is the most important thing in any website in the view of ON Page SEO. In OFF Page SEO we can not control all factors but the 99% or 100% factors of ON page SEO we can control. So On-Page SEO consists of all the elements of SEO you can control best. On-page SEO should be done even if you rank number one in the search results because SEO is an ongoing process. Followings are some of ON Page SEO technics that affects directly or indirectly ranking-

1-Title tag                                                                       

The title tag should be crawler-friendly as well as user-friendly. It is a psychological aspect that if there is a number used in title tag it can easily catch the attention of user and Google also gives some preference in ranking a post with a number title. In HTML title tags are found in the <head> section of the HTML. The ideal length of the tag should be 50 to 60 characters, It is not mandatory for some short title tag and very long title tag also ranks. Proper keywords should be used in the title. If there is a 10-word title, the best practice is to put keyword in the first or second position word, it will make more chances to make a keyword-optimized title (90 % cases).


2- Meta description

When we search anything on Google we can see three main elements in any website- First URL of that website, underneath URL title tag come and underneath of title tag meta description come to exist. It is a 155 to 160 character snippet that is used to summarize the content of a web page. There are CTR elements in this description. The meta description should be put in the blog as well as in every post and should be a direct call to action. The meta description should be crawler-friendly and user-friendly. It is recommended that do not use market elements in the meta description.


3- H1 Tag

After the title and description, the most important thing is the H1 tag. The H1 tag is an HTML tag that indicates a heading on a website. There are six types of heading tags in a blog. H1 tag is used to tell the crawler about our content and the crawler can identify the structure of our content. H1 tag can not be ignored because it is the most visually notable content on the post. It is the best on-page SEO technic that if we use long-tail keywords with 20 to 70 characters in H1 tag.


4- Quality content

The most important technic of on-page SEO is to make good quality content. Everybody knows that the content should be unique and original because the content is the king in a blog. Content should be plagiarism-free because Google does not rank plagiarism copy content. It is recommended that content should be more user-friendly than SEO-friendly.


5- Format text

It is also a very important on-page SEO technic. This activity makes bold or italic the text of the blog post. We can put our keywords in formatted text.

7- Image optimization

We should always use relevant images of that particular post. Using your own image is the best practice. Do not use copyright images but you can use a copyright-free image with some modification. Placing of image position is also an important factor. Do not use the generic image. Use the keyword in the image name. Use hyphens not underscore to name image eg- On-Page SEO as On pageseo&On_pageseo asOn page SEO and last but not least use alt text with image (The alt text is the written format that scrawler shows text in the written format that scrawler shows instead of the image if the webpage is slow loading.

   To conclude the most important in SEO is good quality content and user-friendly content. All other above technics are also important. So follow these strategies and rank your website.


Chintu Chandran

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