Introduction of Different Activities of SEO in just a few Minute

We know that SEO is basically a process so we should do multiple activities in this process. SEO should do in accordance with the guidelines of Google. Google uses over 200 ranking factors which altogether affect SEO.

Followings are some activities include in SEO-

1- ON Page SEO- The changes that we do to our website content or optimization of website content are called ON-PAGE SEO. Some examples of On-page SEO are changes in title, description and meta keywords, etc. On-page SEO has to do with every page on a website or blog. On-page SEO is the most important activity of SEO. It takes usually a short time and normally it has to do only one time. Sometimes if you do On-page SEO effectively you don’t have to do OFF page SEO.

2- Off-Page SEO- In OFF-PAGE SEO activity we majorly work on backlinks. Backlinks are the links that connect one website with another website or the content of one website connects with another content through any keyword. OFF page SEO is not a one-time process like on-page SEO. It is an ongoing process. We have to do some changes regularly in OFF page SEO activity.

3- Technical SEO- Technical SEO activities are done outside of the website (exclude content) for example like an HTML site map. Activities like installing an SSL certificate (HTTPS://) are included in Technical SEO. We can understand this with the help of the example of a restaurant where the quality of serving food items is the most important thing (this can be considered as on-page SEO). Other than these food items some other important things are services and basic infrastructures like AC, sitting capacity can be considered as technical SEO.

4-White hat SEO- White hat SEO is a legal technique in which we follow all the guidelines of search engines. It is considered ethical and organic SEO. In white hat SEO, Google does not take any legal action against our website. Offering high-quality content, fast-loading mobile-friendly sites, following all Google guidelines, and natural backlink profiles are included in white hat SEO.

5-Black hat SEO- Black hat SEO is a technique in which violets search engines terms of services. It is the opposite of white hat SEO. This technique completely focuses on the search engines, not on viewers. Black hat SEO is used to get quickly top rank on google and get success. But this is not a good idea, you can not go long-lasting with black hat SEO. Some black hat strategies are the following-

1- Auto-generated content

2- Duplicate content

3- Hidden text or links

4- Keyword stuffing

5-  Sneaky Redirects

6-  Cloaking

7-  Link schemes

8-  Paid links

6-Grey hat SEO- In grey hat SEO we use 95 % white hat SEO and 5% black hat SEO. This is not fully legal but can be used sometimes. These practices are risky but google has not exclusively penalized these strategies. Purchasing expired domains and using long keyword-based domains are examples of grey hat SEO.

All above are some important SEO techniques that are briefly explained you will get more detail about digital marketing information through this blog so please keep in touch with this blog and your opinion.


Chintu Chandran


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