Digital Marketing and its types which will boom in 2022


Digital marketing is a part of marketing in which we use digital mediums for marketing. Today consumers spend more and more time online so marketers are shifting their budgets to the digital medium to communicate with the consumers. The digital medium of marketing can cater to ten times more consumers than the traditional marketing medium.

Suppose if you want to do marketing of any product how will you do it? you can give ads on TV, newspaper, Billboard, website, youtube, you can give sponsorship on youtube, also you can sell pamphlets, and many more advertisement media are available for marketing. So whenever you use your medium or channel digital for marketing, this kind of marketing will include in digital marketing.

Digital channels include website promotion, youtube ads, Facebook ads, etc. So basically with the help of digital channels, you can track people as how much of them are watching your ad, you can track the geographic area of your viewers. You can also conduct online surveys to know the demography of people and an online survey will also help you to know which needs you are able to fulfill and which not. You can easily reach your target audience with the help of digital marketing rather than traditional marketing.

With the help of digital marketing, marketers can Identify their consumers based on many ways like age, location, gender, seniority, income, interest, behavior, lookalike, remarketing, device, etc. In digital marketing, we can literally know how many consumers are in the market to buy and how to target them. Hence, mass media focuses on minimizing waste, digital media has no wastage.




Digital Marketing




Companies and people are going online after the pandemic COVID19  disease. The major bluechip companies like Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Capital one, Zillow, slack, Amazon and etc adopted work from home culture and it is possible to extend work from home option till two or three years. So this is the reason to say digital marketing will be a boom in 2022. Followings are some important part of digital marketing which may be a trend in 2022-


Social media marketing

social media marketing is one of the powerful tools of digital marketing. In social media marketing, social media platforms are used for digital marketing. Social media marketing is essentially using social media as an activater to grow any company's online presence. In this ever-advancing century of digital millennials, social media is playing a key role in both the success and failure of many organizations. There is hence an immense need for a sound social media strategy for every organization to succeed in this digital world.


Content marketing

Content marketing is a part of digital marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online information, such as Video, Text or infographics post on blogs, and podcasts, etc. content marketing is a process of digital marketing in which strategically focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It is a very important tool in digital marketing, more specifically voice and video content marketing which will be a trend in 2022. We have seen platforms like Twitter that have introduced voice tweets. So this is something that one can try and implement with their content strategy also. Youtube video content consuming increasing rapidly but text content also has value today.  



The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Before knowing about SEO, we should know the search engine. A search engine is a platform designed to retrieve or search for information on the web. The search results are usually displayed in a line of results on pages known as the search engine results page. Search engine shows both organic and paid search results. SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of the website by improving the ranking in the Search Results Page(SERP). In this process website makes it much more search-friendly, thus getting higher positions in organic or natural, or unpaid search results. SEO is massively important for websites to be found organically when people are searching for them using search engines like google, yahoo, etc.


Email marketing

Email marketing is a technique to send a promotional or commercial message to a group of people via email to convert customers to buyers. It is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects. Effective Marketing emails convert prospects to customers. Email marketing is a cost-effective method of digital marketing. The email marketing process can be automated with help of some email marketing tools like convert it, Robly, Moosend, Sendinblue, etc.



When you post any information post on the internet or post with the intention to give any information, this process is called blogging, the person who does all this called a blogger, and the platform is called a blog or web blog. A blog is an online journal and displays information in reverse chronological order. To start blogging you should first choose your niche or topic based on your interest and trend then you should post regularly. There are two main blogging platforms are Blogspot and WordPress.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing also can be a part of digital marketing when we use digital media for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process in which we promote other companies or people’s products or services through affiliate links and get a commission for the successful sale of that product or service. What is an affiliate link? The affiliate link is a web URL link through which after clicking that link a person can land on the website of that product or services. When that person purchases a product or service from that website the affiliate marketer gets a commission. In this process, we don’t require any physical products or services. one of the leading e-commerce company runs the Amazon affiliate program whose name is Amazon Associates. Some other Affiliate Networks are jvzoo, MaxBounty, CJ Affiliate, and Clickbank, etc.



This part of Digital marketing will be a boom in 2022 because one of the important parts of its e-commerce business is growing rapidly. we have seen that this year with the coronavirus pandemic how important it is for businesses to be online and have an e-commerce website whereby their customers can purchase from them. We have also seen a lot of businesses that have completely shut down because they were not able to transition into e-commerce effectively and it means that if you have a business and you don't have e-commerce capabilities in this era that's going to be a massive problem because of the way that customers are shifting more and more purchasing more online.





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